As I sit here reflecting on the last six weeks of my election I am in awe thinking of the many people who helped win this election for me. To the Claremont Ward 2 voters that took the time to come vote for me, the individuals from within the city and beyond whom donated countless hours, and to the New Hampshire Republican State Committee I extend a heart felt Thank You,

Representative Joe Osgood

As Chairman of the Sullivan County Executive Finance Committee last term, a lot was accomplished under my leadership.

  • A new biomass plant is beng built at the County Complex which will reduce our dependence on oil, reduce pollution, and keep our energy dollars paying for jobs right here in NH.
  • County Employees received long overdue raises.
  • A new capital expense fund was created to protect the county, and you, against unforseen expenses.
  • All of this was accomplished while also REDUCING your county tax.

Now, we face a projected county tax increase of almost 3%.  I can't afford it.  Can you?

Do you remember:

  • $30 registration surcharge for every vehicle
  • The campground tax
  • The LLC Tax that hurt small businesses
  • Taking away rooms and meals tax revenue sharing from cities and towns which downshifted costs onto your local property taxes
  • An end to state funded building aid for schools

I fought to fix all of that for you.  I'll fight again to protect your rights, and your money.

 Vote 4 Joe Osgood

Principles Above Politics

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